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Mary Caroline Gorham was born in 1818 at Penshurst, the second daughter of William and Mary Gorham. In 1923 her widowed mother and her family moved to Tonbridge where Mary Caroline was educated. Her whole life until her death in 1932 was dedicated to social, religious and philanthropic work for which she was hohoured with an M.B.E. Her early work was with Lady Henry Somerset and the Duxhurst Homes and with St Stephens Church and in 1890 she was a founder of the Mission at St Eanswythes.

See also The Gorham Family by Arthur H. Neve published in 1933.
Date Type Information Source
1818BornIn the Parish of Penshurst, Kent1851 Census
1841At Dry Hill in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; Caroline Gorham, M, [Daughter], age 24, born Kent1841 Census
1851At High Street in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; Caroline Gorham, F, Sister, age 33, born Penshurst, Kent1851 Census
1861At Dry Hill in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; Caroline Gorham, F, Daughter, age 43, born Penshurst, Kent1861 Census
Jan 1932HonouredM.B.E. in recognition for her social, religious and philanthropic workNeve's Tonbridge
28th Feb 1932DiedIn the Parish of Tonbridge, KentNeve's Tonbridge
21st Apr 1932Will provenLondon; Effects: £16,176 11s 3dProbate Registry of England and Wales
Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Gorham, Goreham family records
The ancestral pedigree of Mary Caroline Gorham
 William Gorhamm: c 1810Mary 
 b: c 1780
d: April 1817 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
bur: after April 1817 Emmanuel Church, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  b: 1784 Ticehurst, Sussex
d: 1865
 John William Isabella Mary Caroline 
 b: 1814 Penshurst, Kent
d: 13th Dec 1899 Cause of death: inflenza
 b: 1816 Penshurst, Kent
d: December 1881
 b: 1818 b: 1818 Penshurst, Kent
d: 28th Feb 1932 Tonbridge, Kent
Parental record

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