The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Dorothy Josephine (Dolly) Ambrose [Saville], daughter of James Richard Saville, corporal, British Army and Mary Saville [Streeter]
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Birth of a son
Birth of a son
15th Jun 1907
In the Parish of Cheriton, Kent
Dennis Fyfe's records
Apr to June 1935
Robert John (Bob) Ambrose at Colchester in the County of Essex
Dennis Fyfe's records
8th Dec 1971
At Colchester in the County of Essex; aged 64 years
Dennis Fyfe's records

Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Ambrose individual records
Savill, Saville individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Dorothy Josephine (Dolly) Ambrose [Saville]
 James Richard Saville
corporal, British Army
m: 21st Dec 1889 St. Mary's Church, Hadlow, Kent
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1889 Q4 Vol 2a Page 1116
Mary Streeter 
 b: 3rd Feb 1859 Clapton, Middlesex, son of John Saville and Sarah Carter
ch: 27th Mar 1859 St. James' Church, Clapton
d: Jan to Mar 1931 Cheriton, Kent
  b: 5th Oct 1866 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 7th Oct 1866 St. Dunstan Church, daughter of Thomas Streeter (labourer) & Mary Ann Streeter
d: 5th Oct 1930 Cheriton, Kent, aged 64 years
bur: after 5th Oct 1930 St Martin's, Cheriton, Kent
 Edith Sarah Louisa (Louie) James Thomas (Jim) Ethel Jane May Mafeking Dorothy Josephine (Dolly) 
 b: 11th Nov 1890 Hadlow, Kent
d: 28th Aug 1913 Cheriton, Kent
 b: 27th Dec 1892 Hadlow, Kent
d: 31st May 1974 Boronia, Victoria, Australia, aged 81 years
bur: 3rd Jun 1974 Hamilton Lawn Cemetery, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
 b: 1st Mar 1895 Hadlow, Kent
d: 14th Feb 1979 Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, aged 83 years
bur: 16th Feb 1979 Hamilton Lawn Cemetery, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
 b: 1st Feb 1898 Prospect Cottage, West Peckham, Kent
ch: 20th Mar 1898 St. Dunstan's Church
d: 30th Nov 1981 St Mary's Hospital, Colchester, Essex, aged 83 years, cause of death: ischaemic heart disease, senile dementia
 b: 19th May 1900 West Peckham, Kent
ch: 10th Jul 1900 St. Dunstan's Church
d: July to Sep 1987 Trafford, Manchester, aged 87 years
 b: 15th Jun 1907 Cheriton, Kent
d: 8th Dec 1971 Colchester, Essex, aged 64 years
 Robert John (Bob) Ambrosem: Apr to June 1935 Colchester, EssexDorothy Josephine (Dolly) Saville 
 b: 7th Sep 1901 Formby, Lancashire, son of John Ambrose and Agnes Emma M. Coe
ch: 6th Oct 1901 Holy Trinity Church, Formby
d: 12th Dec 1984 Colchester, Essex, aged 83 years
  b: 15th Jun 1907 Cheriton, Kent
d: 8th Dec 1971 Colchester, Essex, aged 64 years
 Living Living 

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